Brand Logo - When Is The Right Time To Change It ?

Brand Logo – When Is The Right Time To Change It?

A short glance at your logo can convey to a person whether your company is cutting-edge and professional or antiquated and amateurish. Here are three advantages of a clever and potent logo:

It exhibits your brand's personality.

People can tell what you do and who you do it for by looking at a powerful logo. Clearly, a single image cannot convey everything. But it can convey a lot in subliminal and even unconscious ways. Consider the Nike swoosh as an illustration. The swoosh logo conveys a sense of movement and speed. Additionally, it is symbolic of Nike's wings, the Greek goddess who stood for triumph.

It creates a feeling of trust.

People are more likely to trust your company when it has a straightforward, professional logo. A visually beautiful logo lends credibility to your company in the eyes of the public. A powerful presentation produces a powerful perception. On the other hand, a poorly designed logo breeds doubt and mistrust in your company. Consider the unprofessional logos you've seen. How did they make you feel about the company?

It makes you more distinctive from the throng.

A way to stand out is with a recognised logo. It's a chance to implant your brand in consumers' minds. Your brand becomes more well-known and more memorable as more people become familiar with it

So how can you tell when your logo needs to be updated? Here are some telltale signs that your logo needs a makeover:

It gives the impression that one has travelled through time.

Consider browsing a website that was created a decade ago. Or a home that was furnished in the 1980s. Its datedness is immediately apparent. The perceptions people have of your logo can vary as trends and preferences do. What was once cutting-edge and captivating may start to lose its impact over time. When consumers see an organization's logo, they assume it isn't up to speed with contemporary best practices. As a general guideline, you should at least think about upgrading your logo every five years.

It doesn't reflect your development.

Businesses and nonprofits both develop. They must if they want to live. Your company expands based on its possibilities and strengths. As a result, you might not be the same company you were when you first started. Or perhaps your nonprofit has focused on a minor but important aspect of your overall mission. Your logo no longer truly represents who you serve and what you do as a result. If that's the case, your logo might no longer accurately represent your company, and it's time to update it.

It doesn't fit with your rebranding strategy.

Your company may not have changed, but a rebranding or repositioning effort might influence how the public sees it. Every time you rebrand, you should make sure that upgrading your logo is a part of the process. You always want them to display your brand accurately in your logo. It's a good idea to polish your logo even if you still enjoy it as part of your broader rebranding strategy

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